Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thailand... Much more than just a shopping destination

Finally, the husband and I found time to take the much needed break and travel to Thailand, something we have even planning for almost a year now. As always all the travel plans were made lat minute. We picked the cities we wanted to visit and took off for the airport... All hotel bookings would have to be done once we arrive at the destinations... And off we went! Mumbai to Bangkok and a connecting flight to Surat Thani, a small non touristy stop over town where we were to spend our first night in Thailand. But thanks to the wonderful locals and three amazing fellow travellers we met in the town, it turned out to be the bet night we spent in the country...the Tapei river which flows through the town was the hub for local skate boarders and tattoo artists and we spent the night chit chatting and drinking local rum...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's amazing how ancient these cute little post boxes appear now.. Email rules an sure is more eco friendly... But for me nothing can match the excitement of receiving a good old hand written letter or card... Snail mail, I miss you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Old world charm

I was recently invited to attend the Influencer Conference that happened in Mumbai. Among other things I was excited to attend the conference since it was being hosted at Kitab Mahal, Fort, an area I'm always happy to visit. The conference itself was underwhelming but the visit to 'town' was worth it.

Kitab Mahal is an ancient, almost dilapidated building which houses Studio X on the top floor. Studio X is a space that can be rented by individuals, organisations and artists to host events. And this was to be the venue of the Influencer Con.

While Studio X is neatly white washed and well maintained the building's other floors where rustically rotten, compelling me to click.. A few shots below..

Sunday, October 07, 2012


The BEST is truly loved by Mumbai. Whether its the service that has only been improving over the years, or the old world charm that the BEST buses still hold, there are enough reasons to love the good old transport system... Here is mu dedication as I captured one speeding by... Read more about the history and key initiatives of the BEST here

Cart full of lotuses...

Mumbai is always a buzz with the shopping fever but around festivals it seems to reach a feverish pitch. We went around looking for some everyday stuff for home an discovered a beautiful cart full of lotuses at the local mall.. Pleasant surprise :)

God is great!

Read the full post about this adorable lazy cat here

Friday, August 31, 2012

Love my blingy slip ons :)

Love my blingy slip ons :), originally uploaded by radicaleye.

Like I said, EVERY SPARE MINUTE is being spent on Instagram :) You can find me on Instagram as GARIFFITI

In the jungle...

In the jungle..., originally uploaded by radicaleye.

Instagram is an instant hit with me and I can be found fooling around with it every spare minute I have.. Whether it's new photos or old, I have been filtering away to glory... Here is an intagrammed old hoto that I love!

Friday, March 23, 2012

one sunny afternoon

one sunny afternoon, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

totally loved the strolling ducks :)

going for a walk

going for a walk, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

Jawhar ( Jawahar ) is a tiny quaint village.. it was sunny and a walk around the village was fun !


blushing, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

beautiful red leaved trees lined the route almost all the way


Untitled, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

to click !

palash ke phool

palash ke phool, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

the roads were almost too pretty to drive on...

alone, not lonely

alone, not lonely, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

these gorgeous palaash trees were the only flowering trees along the way and made for lovely subjects..

on the road

on the road, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

Mumbai to Jawhar or Jawahar is a distance of about 146 kms and takes around 2 hrs by road.. the route passes through Manor on NH8 and then SH33 straight to Jawhar..the roads are well maintained and the views are great.. we went in early march and though it was all green, it was a tad dry.. a good time to go would be during the monsoons or just after.. however the drive was fun and we had a good time, stopping along the way clicking photos..

off we go

Untitled, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

a weekend trip was long overdue and so deep and I decided to take off to this village we have often discussed but never been to.. Jawhar.. we drove down, with google maps guiding us along the way..

Friday, February 03, 2012


stare, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

back here in Mumbai a new cat has become the object of affection for the entire gang.. khushboo especially was in love with her and wanted to take her home !

afternoon scene

afternoon scene, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

goats ! yessssss :) i missed them since i moved from Lucknow to Mumbai many years ago !

village scene

village scene, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

beautiful scenic views all around where we stayed in neemuch

clock tower

clock tower, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

in the neemuch naza bazaar or new market, lovely warm small town charm !

Vintage Engine

Old Engine, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

at neemuch railway station, a vintage engine up for display...


contentment, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

i kept observing her, clicking her and working with her amazing pictures on instagram and pixlr-o-matic on my phone, here's one of my favorite shots

million dollar smile

million dollar smile, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

met this gorgeous and charming child, chanchal, on the train, her smile stayed me much much longer than the brief train journey :)

A lonely place

A lonely place, originally uploaded by radicaleye.

a recent trip to neemuch, in mp for a cousins wedding was the much needed short weekend break i wanted for a while... train travel was at its fascinating best on this route.. so many beautiful isolated train stations.. just the absence of a hoard of people pushing and shoving each other..made even the simplest of objects seem like thoughtfully placed artifacts to me :)

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